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Simple site overview

Simple site is an application designed to reduce the effort necessary to use PageSeeder to deliver and manage a website.

Providing a dynamic facade to an ordinary PageSeeder group, the simple site application acts as filter that exposes only a subset of possible functionality.

For users, this reduces the things they need to learn.

For developers, Simple site is an example application that offers straightforward examples of the PageSeeder architecture and concepts. Because Simple site is based on standard hierarchical folders and files, it provides a recongizable proxy for anyone new to PageSeeder.

Simple site can meet the following business requirements:

  • Provide a secure place for groups of people to share files and web pages,
  • Quickly create a solution that provides secure, fully-featured user account including invitations, self-registration, lost password and bulk account creation,
  • Upload long documents in Word or PSML,
  • Search binary files in Office file formats or PDF,
  • Automatically build site navigation from content,
  • Allow visitors to register their email address for updates,
  • Use themes to quickly change the site appearance.

Simple site can meet the following developer requirements:

  • To act as a learning exercise built around a practical solution,
  • Provide a collection of components that help to quickly build PageSeeder-based sites,
  • Help developers to evaluate the value of the PageSeeder platform and assess the investment necessary to become productive.

For requirements that don't fall into any of these categories, please get in touch first so that we can provide a more suitable introduction to PageSeeder.